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Bat Conservation Trust


The Cumberland Bat Group is formed by volunteers to protect and enhance bats within the North of Cumbria.  We are one of two groups operating within the county.  We are affiliated with the Bat Conservation trust as a Network Partner.


The Cumberland Bat Group aims to:
  • protect and conserve bats, thier roosts, feeding areas and hibernation sites
  • raise awareness of bat conservation
  • provide information on bats to the public
  • monitor bat populations
  • create, enhance and maintain roosting sites
  • maintain a pool of licensed volunteer bat workers who are able to undertake roost visits and provide assistance

    These aims are achieved by:
  • undertaking bat habitat box erection, maintenance and monitoring
  • outreach programmes with local schools
  • assisting Natural England on roost visits
  • producing an annual newsletter
  • continual training of members by members

    Hopefully the pages on this site will answer any queries you may have.  If you require anything further please use the contacts page to get in touch.

    DID YOU KNOW: Bats are not blind! They can see in daylight but use echolocation to detect prey at night. Bats shout at frequencies too high for us to hear and listen for the returning sound. The returning echo gives information about their surroundings and the location and type of insects around

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